Perfect weather

Cyprus has one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean part of the European Union. The average annual temperature on the coast is around 24 °C (75 °F) during the day and 14 °C (57 °F) at night.

Summers last about eight months, from April with temperatures of 21–23 °C (70–73 °F) at daytime and 11–13 °C (52–55 °F) at night. The middle of summer is hot – in July and August on the coast the temperature is usually around 33 °C (91 °F) at daytime and around 22 °C (72 °F) at night. The summer ends in November with temperatures of 22–23 °C (72–73 °F) at daytime and 12–14 °C (54–57 °F) at night.

Even the remaining four months temperatures sometimes exceed 20 °C (68 °F).

An island with history

The earliest known human activity on the island dates to around the 10th millennium BC. As a strategic location in the Eastern Mediterranean, it was subsequently occupied by several major powers, including the empires of the Assyrians, Egyptians and Persians, from whom the island was seized in 333 BC by Alexander the Great.

Inviting Beaches

Cyprus is full of beautiful beaches and undiscovered bays. The white sandy beaches are sometimes surrounded by cliffs and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean make Cyprus a perfect travel destination.